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Getting Started

First, we start with an understanding of the function, demographic and socio-economic targets of your business, resulting in a commercial message for your audience. Then your message is matched with an appropriate media partner for distribution. This requires extensive experience and knowledge of media: television, radio, print, outdoor, internet and social media.

For over 26 years Clark Exmeyer, owner of Media Management Services of Evansville, has created and implemented over 16 million dollars of local and regional media to the success of a broad array of clients. Mr. Exmeyer and his staff are a multi-talented veteran team that research, formulate and compose unique and comprehensive campaigns to meet the individual needs of clients. Copy writing, video production, print lay-out, art direction, media placement and rate negotiation are just a few of our well honed talents.

Why Media Management Services?

Quite simply, we know the business. Yes, it will take time to get to know the specific dynamics of our company. However, through good communication, MMS will create a media plan designed specifically for your business detailing how to invest in media and what you should expect. MMS will go to work using the best talent, video equipment and facilities in the Tri-State allowing our clients to maintain high quality while keeping costs low. We know what it takes to get your business great results.

We help businesses grow by using broadcast and cable television, radio, print (direct mail, magazines and newspaper), outdoor billboards and online advertising including web site design, social media strategy, search engine marketing and more.

Our simple philosophy for over 20 years has been and continues to be Your Best Interest is Our Best Interest.  This is the key element that keeps Media Management Services in business while many of our peers have come and gone.

February 2024
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